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wow i didnt realise there were all these complications with the younger guys.. when my son was in those classes we had min 5-9 riders in class/ had mains, etc and they all fought for every point they could get. we did all the qualifiers there was no “just to qualify” it was “your best 4 or whatever the number was” as you wanted to get all perfects if you had the opportunity to “earn the state champ title” and boy it was a fight too…lol (some of the parents were the ones with the gloves on fighting for the title…lol) if you were 2 points under the #1 guy you can be sure that kid was going to be at the next qual to go for it…..

anyway my point is whatever makes it competitive and fair. like somone said earn the title. you will never please everyone but if more riders participate then there will be less combining thus more kids stay in thier own age and dont get bumped up. there should be no reason for this at a qualifier ( locals maybe yes but you should always have a pure class at a state race) at least i would hope in a perfect bmx world…

how else can we get more riders to do every qualifier not just the ones at thier own track? maybe thats a possibility.