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What are the qualifications of being New Jersey #1??

Is it about abillity and skill or points?
Is there any honor of being #1?
Does it mean anything to anyone?
Is it a plate that you paid for?
The point thing really sucks…. for instance a young rider was excited to see that he was in 1st place in points, then at the state championship 2 other riders wre registered to race, his thought was how can he race when they didn’t qualify? To make a long story short, he was told that thye voluntarily move up to novice. Duh…………. anyone can look at the standings and see points. Thinking I have more than him, so if i move up then I can be state #1. WRONG!!!!! There is just something wrong with this. Talk about being screwed and disapointed. That child was. Well some really know how to play the system and not earn it. We should also think about a proficiency frreze.

Yes, everyone does have a bad day, but there is always next year. Work on those skills and see you next year. It is human nature to be plagued with bad luck, we just don’t ever know when it will happen. It’s a thing called life.

this is a topic that has many different views and not everyone will be happy aout whatever is decided. We just need to think of everyone and be FAIR about it.