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so that i am understandng what you are proposing…is it when riders are combined an age up that they are getting screwed? like 7x with 8 x? as i was under the impression when the novice gets combined with the x the novs get x points so in fact THEY are the ones who are at the advantage ( 2nd place nov racing a 1st place x is equal to a first place nov so in effect the nov gets a perfect) follow me? it used to be that the novs would go to where they WERE combined with xperts so they can get the x points… i dont know if they changed it recently this was when dan was 8 or so and it was a large class and they fought for every point they could get.

i like the clean slate idea.. but should a state champion be only based on 1 race? so if the rider has a bad day or bad gate in the main its all over? that has to be thought thru.

i like the change of points ideas the moms are comming up with would like to hear some more complaints by that i mean… ie give examples of what happened this yr that you want it to be changed… i just want to know how the system has changed ( we havnt been watching points for a while so thats why i ask) thanks for your patience and thank god there is new blood that are interested in getting involved… hallaluya!!