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Let’s not have the board walk all over us and disregard our ideas.

Ah, I have been waiting to make this point after I saw something at a job I went to do this week.
Had to stop at a police department to get taken to a location that we had to program for beacons that are for ped crosswalks, (yes believe it or not I get access to many NJ police departments due to the nature of the business I work for) anyway on the wall in the P.D. is an organizational flow chart for the town. It showed how the power flowed in a democratic society.
You had the town committees, council, mayor, P.D… etc.
Who was at the top of the food chain?

Since the nbl operates as a sort of “BMX democracy”, it would seem that the top of the food chain is not, the board, it should be…
The riders and their parents (see I included you guys and gals, I must be loosening up, LOL)

There will no longer be any tossing to the side.