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Hey everyone, I am on the awards committee (for the FIRST time, so dont bash me).

What I have learned from my experience on two committees is the need to have a vision for the FOLLOWING year NOW. If I choose to be involved on the committee again next year, the goal will be to get started on this now, and see what needs to be done to RAISE & allocate more money. Its all about setting goals. I am not taking anything away from what has been done up to now, just stating that I believe we can do more and make next year even better. To do this we need MORE people to step up. You cannot expect the same couple of people to handle this year in year out and then expect a 5 star-over-the-top-blow-your-mind event just because you think its suppose to be that way. In other words, if you are not satisified, then next year lend a hand and help out.

I believe we will deliver a quality event. The main challenge is the three members of the committee live far away from each, but I guess its nice to have one representative each from the north, central and south.

We did look at several ideas for this year and The Incline Club once again was our best choice. The start time was set to accomodate the request I got from ALOT of riders and parents: to have the awards ceremony without any riding going on during that time. According to what I was told, open riding will not start until about 12 noon and we are being given about a 45 minute time frame.

So PLEASE arrive ON TIME so we may start the awards PROMPTLY at 11:15am that day – PLEASE!!! Lets all work together to give this event a positive vibe and build on it for next year, thank you.