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crown plaza is right across the street from hyatt with a connecting tunnel thing to walk thru. you have to wear a jacket but its not as if uyou are going outside really…you can walk outside to get there but you dont have to… use the tunnel

the crown plaza has an awesome ice cream bar place in the lobby… i think it used to be hagan dazzzz. can yousay gain 10 lbs in one weekend?? yummm!! the rooms are just as nice as the hyat with out the fire alarms going off all night… just a little farther to walk..

oh and that sports bar is right next door… i forget the name where you play the games against other tables?? geesh i am gettin old…lol

i know some stayed at the hampton across the street from the hyatt but it was the same price as the hyatt so why go out in the cold if you dont have to.

havent heard anything about drury but they are usually very nice and ALWAYS give out free coupons for free drinks…. happy hr or so mething like that… they did it in louisville when we stayed there for the grands a few yrs ago…