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No, I did not hit my goals this year. I set a few early on, but allowed alot of things to distract me. Kind of got back on them with the Greg Hill clinic, but then some career issues beyond my control sidetracked things again, and then my fall at Howell rattled my gray matter somewhat.

I do want to publicly apologize for a couple of things. It was a very tough year career wise, and in August the mortgage company I worked with was put out of business by Wall Street. At the track I got too focused on “winning” the state #1 and made a few questionable moves in order to get some first place finishes. At the time I felt I was just racing, but these were moves you would only pull at a National or other big race with alot on the line, not at a local race against friends. There are 2-3 35+Experts that I hope read this and accept my apology.

Like Dave said – lets keep this thread positive and talk about racing – I am looking forward to training better for next year but personally I am setting racing goals for 2009 based on attaining family & business goals over the next 12-18 months.