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OK I guess I will highjack this thread to. It looks like that’s how they roll here on brokenhearts.

I feel there are some major changes that need to be made. Let’s start with some of the people on this site. You like to bitch and cry on how thing need to change but when you go to a state meetings you can’t talk. If you want changes you need to speak up. Now as for next year’s state race we need to change.

1 The number of locals needed to qualify for the state championship race. It should be no more then 6.
2 The championship needs to be a triple point race. Nothing less.
3 You have to open the championship race up to anyone who wants to race it. Not just the 129 people who are qualified. They do it at the NBL grands.
4 We need an announcer big time. A good announcer can make or break a race. And it would be nice if he or she would use the new PA system.

I could go on and on.