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as usual, I make an extreme comment to see if people can meet in the middle…
jeesh haven’t you guys learned by now…

but to clarify my point.
If you have nothing to aspire to in BMX racing you will quit very quickly.
Beginners IE Rookies should not be sponsored PERIOD.
At the state level, sure novices can have the old PPB, SC Action Sports kinda bike shop thing going on but being able to pick your team AFTER you know who they are competing against just doesn’t make sense.
Because then you get all that bullshit team riding garbage, all that “slow down these motos so Joe Schmoe can win this moto or that”…come on man it’s a race…
See the finish line.
I want you to beat everyone to it.

My gawd, you guys already picked your teams, but then you sit there and play…wel who can this guy beat, after you know who they are racing against..
what up wit dat…

hey this is a fun discussion, not a lot of stupid politics, just crazy team stuff.