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I few months ago I asked the question”is there a single rule that you guys don’t think should be changed?” but I did not get an answer. Well now I have it . NONE OF YOU want to keep any of the rules. Whatever, I would think that there are battles to be fought and battles that are IRRELEVANT. This is one of them. Who cares when you can and can’t put your team sheet in. Brett first there should be no rookies or novs at nationals. Now you don’t want them to count on a state team. HHHMMM, I know lets have just one class, that way there wont be any sandbagging, and anyone can go to nationals and any one can be on a team sheet. Oh wait then the person who just started and has to race anthony derosa every week will be gone soon after that and the sport WILL die then. Then all you OLD SCHOOL guys who are never satisfied with anything that came along after 1985 can re-start a new bmx league.