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A quick check of the by-laws shows that nominees for state secretary need only be at least 21 years of age and a permanent resident of NJ.

jeepers that means a whole bunch of us are qualified to be state secretary. Lisa is a great person and I’m sure she wouldn’t get nutty if someone else ran for the position this time around, she has her hands full with us crazy guys at CJ anyway — …

Let’s see the duties are:
>record meeting minutes- can’t be too hard there are only 2-3 a year.
>distribute the minutes to the members of the BoD.
>Maintain NJBMX Inc records including but not limited to:
meeting minutes
tax records for public inspection
list of property owned by NJBMX Inc.
>cast a single vote in case of ties
>notify the nbl of any new tracks that join the state
>perform other duties that pertain to the office

Anyone care to step up?