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Nope, I understand where both you guys are coming from. I’ll be back next year to race and screw around on the track, but my days of chasing any sort of number plate are way over.
But Deb was just asking why such a low count and it just seems obvious to me that after spending a few grand on a nbl nat plate, a few grand on a nbl regional plate, a few more hundred getting a state plate must seem superflous to some people.

People qualified to race the championship looks down to me.
I think doing away with 10 locals would bring it back up.
But I don’t really know, I just know from an adult numbers standpoint it’s a little rough to justify the expense when the return is so low. I’m trying to see this as a parent would, since I am not one.

But you guys are totally right, although we could just start having “race jams” at practice tracks and getting that same hang with your buds vibe….