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@bmxmom156 wrote:

does anyone know if the state will be using a random gate at flemington for the state championship? does flemington have the random gate yet?

do local tracks have to get it by a certain time or does the nbl allow them to make the decision whether or not to use it at all?

anyone know?

Do not know if the State will use the new random gate system for the Championship race, but we will be using it for the Hyper Pro/Am like we did at EHT. I would hope that they would use it for the Championship race. I am bringing our box to use for the Pro/Am, so if they want to use it for the rest of the race it will be there if they do not have it yet at Flemington.

As far as I know the NBL has not made it mandatory for the tracks to use the new random gate system. Most tracks are doing it to help the riders get use to the system that they use at the National/Regional events.