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Dave I remember going there and you were hunting me down for gas money in the garage on the way out yelling mike nunn were are you!!. I had to hide from you because i barely had enough to get home myself. I stayed off site at a super 8 and saved a ton!!!!!! Another year I went with Danny Johnson and Ganguzi(stink a ho) Ganguzi was driving and missed the exit ans we ened up in cleaveland and thought it was funny. We should have beat the crap out of him. Then chris moore forgets to check out of his room and we have to stay an extra night. ANother year Pete Bonilla’s friend drove the van with no wipers in a snow storm while I followed with Kev B in my geo storm with tires so worn the steel belts were sparking. I cant remember the race finishes anymore but i had some crazy crives out there with Dale never fall for the I will pay for gas you drive line of his!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! chris z, pete B, Pete R and every body else. My two favorites are from Chris Z — everybodys comfortable but me — B@@@@@ra your butt stinks