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ahhhh internet message boards……

nobody really knows tommy– i’ve only met him a few times this year at the track, but we have some mutual friends, and i know that he is …. a little over the top, and while online, may be difficult to understand. especialy since he insists on typing in all caps. but he’s a loud talker in person, so i guess it fits.
i left racing for 10 years– i was busy trying to be a rockstar/outlaw biker/hot rodder/ bitch bangin/ drug additct… but i came back just over 5 years ago, and i don’t think you would say the same things about me. (hope not anyway)

and tommy doesn’t know dave– his reasons for leaving racing– not riding, are more because he hates seeing something he loved for so long take a trip to the shithole state that it is currentlly in, not because he is a jerk off.

ahh who cares.

resident peace maker