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Ant I went to REHAB 10 days Hampton House,and they helped me get started on the right path but nobody held a gun to my head and said you have to do this or else!!!!!I chose this path for me and only me.The differance between me and other people who consume alcohol is they know when to say enough is enough,for me my thinking was you are a lightweight,but that is just how our minds think.I can remember telling people I don’t have a drinking problem , I get up and go to work and provide for family.But I was just tired at the end of the day WRONG ANSWER I WAS DRUNK!!!!!!!!!!It is amazing now being sober how my thinking has started to change(not alaways for the better).But the feeling I have now in the morning when I look in the mirror I LOVE ERIC YUHAS and nobody can ever take that away. 😀