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Yes Ant, I hijacked the thread, but at least kept it relative.

JBRP, love the 2 inch slick, forgot about those. I’ll pass on the stick shift though. Had one as a kid, not fun when you fall on it.

I gotta say that this has merit, and I truly believe Ant is the guy to make it happen. Why? Because he spends time talking with folks out there on the message boards that are interested. He has asked for their opinions (ie: the customers) and is now trying to develop the “product” to suit demand. Will it be a success? I don’t know. Can it be a success? Yes.

I know what Ant is aiming for here: a TRUE old school series on genuine Old School bikes. Anything pre-1990 I assume. Back when we all had 1″ headtubes, stems that had the bolt-n-wedge holding them in, no clips & Comp IIIs.

The idea is to have this series planned out in advance and possibly running at the state races (right Ant?). This way the folks that might come out for this will have plenty of advanced notice and hopefully provide a good turnout.

Anthony is not just trying to create another class for all of us, but to get the guys that have not come back to the track to dust off their rides and come out for the day, show off their bike, and putter around the track, although I’m sure there will be a few who will get on it. Hopefully these old school dudes have kids now, and will bring them, and we will show this sport to a few more people.

Its all about growing the sport and having fun, right?

And if you think this is a crazy idea, go check out a minor league sporting event and see all the whacky stuff they do to keep folks coming out to the game.