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i agree it has to have something to do with the 17-24 x class being so large..but now that its cut back to 17-18 and 19-24 that should take care of that and i would think it would go back to the way it was before…

it was split up as pro/am open(16-30 and 30 over)
jr men(17-18)
superx (any age)
elite men(19 over)

now they are only having super x and elite men money open classes… so what do the jr men do??

personally it sseems like they are jumping the gun taking the money opens away from the ams… why not just make it 100% payback like the local races do it? i can see them losing $ if its a low turnout but when you had a huge 17-24 class and every nat had 1/4’s it was too much with the low moto counts… now its back to normal so why not leave it alone?

i feel bad for the guys who just moved up looking fwd to racing that class at nats and now they cant. at least they can do it locally..thank god for the hyper pro am in nj!