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In my opinion I think that they stopped doing them at the National level because they were not getting the big turn outs that they used to. Most of the guys did not want to race the huge 17-24 expert class and then race open. If I remember right (not positive, Jeremy only raced a few opens at the Nationals) but I think the payout was a set price and with the lack of riders they (NBL) were paying out more than they were bringing in. Now before we all go on this rant about the NBL and money, its no different than Coke coming out with the new formula Coke and when it tanked they pulled the plug on it. Any business that starts losing money on a product will stop selling that product.

They are going to payout at the Christmas race and the Grands because those two races always pull big rider counts.

There was nothing that I read that you still can’t run Money Opens at the local level, but I will find out for sure. So, for now, the Hyper Pro/Am is still good to go for the last race and for next season.