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Known Dave since what, i think 1993 ? give or take a year or two.

This weekend i spent more time with him then i ever have since i’ve known him. (gave him a ride to EHT, then halfway home from CNJ on Sunday)

Now, i’ve seen him put a few down, but didnt see anything way out the ordinary.

Heck, he even camled me down when i had a bout of road rage with a Porshe on Sunday !! 👿

I have only been back into this deal since the beginning of August and all i have been seeing/hearing is somehting that belongs on tv at 1pm on a weekday (get it, a soap ?)

This is totally just my opinion but all who are so passionate about the state of NJBMX just need to take a little break, go and get some fresh air, recharge the batteries, (a week, a month..whatever works) try to look at things a little differently instead of constantly going against the tide, that type of mental strain will F you up after a while.

All of what pisses so many of you off can be changed and will….in time. But i think items of concern that ya’ll want to solve need to be looked at like a marathon, not a 100 yard dash.

I must say though, it is nice to see people so worked up over things and have the desire for change.