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ive been in this game 23 years.. ive seen the good and the bad..

right now…its bad

and there is nothing i can do about it

Well if you feel that way stay home and drink your pbr!!!!!!!

Dave I am tired of your crap attitude. Mybe no one else will say it but I will. GROW THE FUCK UP, dude you are how old?????? Dave 7 years ago they were pronunced me dead, But i fought like hell and i am still here. I was 110 pounds and walking on a cane. I do not know what you have been through in your life, but if i can come back from death’s door. then you can succeed in whatever you choose. I saw you teaching kids about bmx at a bike rodeo I have a pic of you holding my nephew, why am i saying this because you are my freind and I care about you. Do you rememeber how we met on route 9, at the scene of a traffic accident where peiople died.

Dude i can not say it enough times you are a good guy, but you really need some help. If you are mad at me for saying this i really do not care, the only thing i want is for you to take charge of your life, and stop the bull****. btw there are people on this site who feel like i do about you. hell i was gonna plan an intervention for you but i did not think it would matter to you, well this is my intervention.

If any of you who read this wanna say something please do. Dave you have my number you can call me anytime. I lost my cell phone and had to get a new one, so i do not have yours. PLEASE CALL ME!!!!!!!!