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Kevin you remember ever playing “Bike Tag” at the track with a bunch of peeps. We played “Build an Army”. I was friends with another older (20+) rider that had a redline (Scott I think was his name) and I had a Boss Cruiser. this woulda been 89/90. Scott lived in Bristol/Fairless Hills area kinda. Been to his apartment (but cant remember the town). We used to play Bike tag and go to the shopping center to ride.

I lived in PA with my sis or NJ with my dad at the time. Man he lived near this one go-go bar i used to go to. I just cant remember which one or what town. I mean I just went there for research for a essay I was writing.

Whoa I just looked at the track on google trying to figure out where scott lived.
They moved the gate. First it used to be up top near turn 1 if I remember right back in 80/81. Then it was moved to the bottom of the track and a huge hill was built so the first straight didn’t feel uphill.
Now a third starting hill is built. Be cool if someone had pics of all three builds.