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Ya know Dave can be a little .. blunt at times in his observations but he has sort of a point and I really do not believe it helps matters when someone constantly reinforces the fact that there will be a $5.00 late fee for late registrations.
Late fees, late fees….

Like WTF?

Why is there even a late registration, What the heck is that?

how about no registrations after 11:00 and leave it at that…
I need to teach a customer service course.

It takes a laserjet printer literally 5 minutes to print 300 pages.

I would say this though, I would always ask everyone to be sure they give they give the correct age and class to the registration people because that is the real hold up, it’s also why a lot of reposts occur.

But then again, we’re all just having fun at the BMX track, so why even get upset over an incorrectly posted moto, and really most of the people who do registration do it for free.