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Ah, a mind full of fresh stuff always a great way to end the day…
Let’s have some fun.

I think rideinlow works for the ABA.

I think Rod hit onto something because it would make sense to undermine the competition by making such statements, lol. I’d also like to mention that Rod’s shop High Gear Cyclery signed on as a SPONSOR FOR HCBMX THIS YEAR, in case there are questions about his doings for BMX racing in NJ..ok then..

Since you are always talking about stepping up and setting a good example, I have a question for you…….why haven’t you obtained an officials license yet?

um…stepping up, duh, as stated by Craig, I do all the time. I also follow through and for anyone who says, “well pick up a broom”, walk over to Vinny and ask him what the very first thing I did when I returned to BMX a few years ago. Came to the first work party and grabbed a broom and got into it…I don’t do it all the time, but at CJ we have like 10-15 people who help out. Ah, the tried and true “officials license” excuse as to our “credentials”, LMMFAO. I talked to Resz and Vinny a few times about getting me one and I am not one to constantly harass people when they are in the middle of running races (other times…well…lol) so we’re getting there, they didn’t have forms this weekend, but I know they’ll help me get what I need to be “official” in the nbl, they believe in what we’re all trying to do. (see debbies post) Be the licenses as they may, more than most of the people in BMX racing and beyond in NJ, already know my VARIED AND LENGHTY credentials in BMX, that and my ability to remain open and more than humble about any little thing I do for BMX, should speak for itself. So, yes, I will have an nbl officials license soon as will more than a few other guys to make the FEW PEOPLE in racing in NJ happy, and no there is no reason that I have not gotten a license other than what has been stated above. My name is Brett Mitchell Middaugh, google it, do a background check if you want, whatever, but remember turn about is fair play. I’m also curious about why you quoted what you quoted as it had nothing to do with what you posted. bajeepers. oh and just and FYI..Rich Farside has had an officials license since he came back. Nervous yet? Scares me, here’s a guy who took an idea created by the people here and fought as hard as he could to bring it to life FOR THE RIDERS.. that garners street cred and yea Rich himself has admitted to me at times he can get a little “on edge” when things are gettign crazy, but he believes in BMX like you can’t believe and it’s not just because his daughter races or because he races but because he believes in the sport, what it can do for kids and wants to see it grow.

No…just tired of the talk about change and what’s gonna be done, or needs to be done, or hasn’t been done, or is going to be done, or was already done ect……I’m just saying that its time to put up or shut up….gotta love the internet drama!!!!

I’m dying here, lol.
So the 5g grant was just talk…
The pro-am series was just talk…
The sponsors that came out to help the tracks was just talk…(Rod, Craig)
New ideas for y…let me not go there yet..
New ways to promote BMX in NJ was just talk… (flyers, posters, video promo…new website…well almost..)
Yea, we talk, we do, we bust each other’s bawlz…welcome to the world where BMX racers and people who get it, are in charge, it can be a little scary but it’s fun as anything.

and finally from the Smoked section..

Nice….exactly why NO ONE takes you seriously!

Question for bmxmom156….
Was the incident that occurred on Saturday, the way that you intend on going about helping the sport?
At least we are both laughing now. Keep up the good work!

um…no one is supposed to take what goes on in the Smoked section seriously…did you see Ant, me, Rich, Craig or anyone else beating each other up over the jokes made in there…no…duh. Our egos are easily checked on the BMX track. By taking a picture posted by someone about someone who posts anonymously seriously it puts into doubt the seriousness of your statements. jeesh.

To reply to that statement though. Plenty of people take “us” seriously. They also find us funny, annoying, and disturbing at times, but they don’t doubt we love BMX, do what we can for the riders and are doing what we must…you might want to reread that….to get BMX racing in NJ back to where it was.
Now, to the other part of that post, you seem to have alluded to an incident that occurred at HCBMX. I have never seen Debbie flip out on anyone but I have been called stupid and had my girlfriend have a hand put up to her face by people who run that place… So jeesh if I am gonna question who is helping BMX, it certainly wouldn’t be someone who VOLUNTEERS AS A MEDIC.
Nutty..unless you were joking around, I mean that post was in the smoked section, so maybe you were just throwing out some sarcasm…

It’s all coming to an end, I mean when SC Action Sports (aka, the 21st century Bicycle World) announced it was opening, that pretty much sealed the deal, right there with Scott’s announcement last winter, that meant a new beginning was about to occur. People who love BMX now have a vested interest in seeing BMX do good so we can GROW THE SPORT.
And we are,
CJ Regional bigger than last year.
Rider counts at CJ up from last year…
HCBMX thanks to the efforts of…okay now I am pissed off because of what I have been speaking about for the past 3 years.. THE RIDERS has seen an increase in ridership that is tantamount to unreal thanks to THE RIDERS taking charge, talking to the kids, the new parents, working on the track. I’d pay damn close attention to the good young dudes up there doing their thing and do whatever it took to get them to stick around, even if it meant some people moving on to other ventures.
EHTBMX…what a year for those guys, Between the rain at the nats to Chris’s crash, it has not been easy but even with that,
they have a new website that Lee is updating,
Mike Vanderhoff has stepped in to do a lot to help out, a really nice guy who, if you get the chance you should sit down and b.s. with him.
Who are these guys?

Yea I rant a lot, but I know what I am doing. Otherwise I would not do it. I will ask you to please not underestimate me as I have 30 years experience in BMX, all aspects of BMX. I say that as humbly as I can but trust me on this one, all those years has taught me only thing,
the only people who really know what to do with BMX,
are the people actually doing it,

ridinlow, we’ll start to take you serious, when you use a real name.
Otherwise you might just as well be Kamikaze…
well, at least Kamikaze had good jokes…