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@bmxmom156 wrote:

you can bring a cooler in if you disquise it as a first aid kit ( soft sided or backpack type)

i hated that when we went a few yrs ago and at that time i think they let you bring it in but charged you $10 or something like that. if yo have a hand truck and all your crap on it stick the non- cooler -looking storage device that resembles a first aide bag on the bottom no one will bother you ( my husbands idea)just pile all your crap on top of it…

it is a nice race i like staying in the hyatt not having to drive anywhere since we used to go every yr we got points and after the first yr you get a free room the next yr if you stay 3 nights or more( hyatt rewards or something like that)

Unless I shack up with you guys..free room you gotta hook me up!