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the campers have 2 options..at the bottom of the camping section way in the back its a hike to walk to the track from there. (advantage is peace and quiet no generator noise usually)

the other option is to park near the big rigs up on the blacktop near the day parking. you will mostl ikely have to have someone save you a spot as they fill up fast and i think they have tried to reserve this section for big bus type rvs as its flat.( disadvantage is noisy generators)

i would call the number on the website and ask the track director about camping to make sure it hasnt changed.

friday traffic is a nightmare to ct…

also taking the merrit pkwy with a camper is not recommended if its a tall camper as the overpass bridges are low( no commercial vehicles allowed for this reason) we made this mistake with our truck camper one yr and had to drive down the middle of the road betw 2 lanes to avoid hitting the top( its lower at the ends)

see ya there…