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What I love about this pic is the Hooters gals don’t look like they are coming out to be bitchy, instead appear to be bringing free refreshments to the protesters. All this probably did was get the Hooters alot of free publicity and new business.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a free country and the gal with the sign has a right to voice her opinion, and I’m sure we all know women who may feel this way, too, at least to some extent. My wife for one is the type that sees Hooter gals or a go-go bar, rolls her eyes and says “I don’t get it…why…you gotta be kidding me, right…..”

I’m wondering what my 6yr old son might say if I took him there for lunch?? (something tells me I am gonna have my hands full with him when he truly discovers girls in 7 or 8 years – maybe sooner!)

So Brett, when’s movie night at your place? —