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MacDaddy- Tommy spent a lot of time at the Dustbowl BITD, and all that dust will affect you after awhile. Let him get a few more races in, hopefully that will clear some of it out, lol.

But for the record, I’m with Tommy on this one. Flats make for a more interesting race plus, its the only piece of equipment that I know of that people will decide NOT to use due to the fear of injury, so in some ways creates an unfair advantage. I know one of the great things about BMX is you are an individual, but look at Nascar – they all have to run within defined equipment guidelines. Maybe not the best example, but with the new COT car it becomes more about knowing the track and being the better driver. This is racing too, so endorsing a piece of equipment that can’t neccessarily be run by everyone creates an unlevel playing field IMO. I’m not saying every kid has to ride the same bike or weight, but clips should have been outlawed way back as something unfriendly to this sport. You don’t see motocross riders clipped in, do ya? I thought that was our roots, right?

Okay, the dead horse has been beaten some more.