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i dont get it.

some of you complain about the cash that it costs to do the sport, the “rolling atm”, price of gas, etc

but when someone comes on there offering suggestions on how to get sponsors you are going to complain about who they are?? you dont like them? so you think the pros actually use all the products they endorse? hey i dont give a rats a** about exxon but i sure as hell cashed the checks do you know why? it was for the kids on the team and helped them out.( i have a personal issue with exxon/mobil gas… i had a cousin who died very young due to mobil’s negligance…. my husb still wont buy either gas)

i dont like some of the nbl sponsors ( bawls) i dont agree its a kid friendly sponsor but they are forking over cash to improve ( hopefully) the sport. better to see some high profile sponsors than none at all.

this is not about corporate vs old school bmx its about improving the sport in any way you can.