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money is everything– anyone that tells you different is
b– already rich

fact of the matter is– if wallmart was gonna give me big bucks to race thier NEXT bike for the remainder of the season, you bet your ass i would be all over it.

because i’m a greedy, self indulgent pig? well, maybe. but no, because this would allow me to ride non stop.
forget the 55 hour work weeks with an hour comute to and from everyday. forget doing side work at home till midnight, THEN training.forget waking up saturday morninig and wanting to ride, but your back is sore cause you had to replace 3 engines the day before. the money would be there and i get to do what i love.

outside sponsorship (money) is good, its good for the riders-making hitting more races easier on the wallet, it’s good for the tracks– more racers means bigger moto counts, and it’s good for the sponsor– they get some decent advertising.