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Trigger locks? You mean so it takes you an extra couple minutes to get your firearm out if you happen to need it? Oh, and ‘smart guns’, can only be fired by the owner (assuming it works, whole other story), strongly opposed by the state police for their own use. Tells me something.

years ago kids rode their bikes to school carrying a hunting rifle for target club…and somehow their were many fewer shootings. As for Columbine and VT, had some of those victims been familiar with firearms, they may have been able to determine when they had a chance to disarm them (like hearing an empty slide click). But its a gun free zone!

Personally I don’t see the connection between a sex shop (nice try on the ‘promoting reproduction’ jab!) and a firearms store.

Oh, one more thing…though shall not kill [the innocent].

“when they outlaw guns, I will be an outlaw”