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Brett – when I have a moment I am going to go dig up some stuff on the “shall not kill” comment.

I am no biblical scholar, but in there God’s chosen people fought many wars. Many of the prophets brought God’s word to many of the kings to wage these wars. I am not endorsing all wars, but I believe there was a certain intent with that commandment. (personally, I wish there were no wars on this planet at all, but that would be an utopian society that I believe is truly unattainable for us in this world)

Lets look at it another way. Someone maliciously with intent tries to kill your family. Do you sit there and let him do it, or do you try to kill the bastard yourself? If it is truly self defense, was that wrong? No. At least thats my opinion.

But, back to the adult store. Lets be honest. Adult stores do to some extent cater to immorality. Am I perfect, noooooooo. Not preaching here, honest. But, if they were in the business of just promoting wholesome reproduction, there wouldn’t be an issue now, would there? I am sure a portion of their customers are fairly normal folk but I think Bill hit the nail on the head that here is some stuff that you probably didn’t plan on discussing with your kid this early. Still I believe there is a PUBLIC PERCEPTION that these places attract some weirdos you don’t want near your kids. I have no stats to back that up, but once again, public perception.