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Interesting comments by all.
I have no problem actually with either being by a school.
And I find a few comments by you guys really funny as…well I’ve spoken to all of you and quite a few of you have made some…funny comments to me on occasion.
The advent of the pornet, I mean internet has sorta made this all moot anyway, but I really find it curious how people equate sex with immorality.
Remember I didn’t say the “armory” should not be there, I just found it interesting that nary a word is said about it.
Bill made the right point, guns don’t kill people, people kill people.
So….people having sex makes more people…
ergo more people means more people could be killed.
I think I found the logic here!

Since a gun laying by itself can do nothing only a person can use it to kill, by promoting reproduction of humans the only animal capable of using a gun we are in effect promoting the death of more humans.
LOL, this is fun.
As far as porn and sickos, I think I know a lot of sickos from this site, LOL.