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A couple of things here folks
Guns as far as I know have not killed anyone, but rather the person pulling the trigger that actually kills someone, trust me on this on folks.

Now as far as sickos that go to those place, they ARE not all kidnapping children, most aren’t, the majority aren’t.

Now as to the location, while I don’t believe it should be where it is, and this comes from a parents point of view, as your little one askes questions about things you didn’t plan on telling them about till they were many years older, the first amendmant will win.

But how did we get the first amendmant, through freedom that our founding fathers won through the use of guns, which in the hands of a trained person, with morals gave you and still protects that right.

The point Brett, if you want to talk about the first one, how about the rest of them, like the one, that says you have the right to bear arms. You can not just choose which one you want and which you wish to discard. And by you not liking the location of the gun shop, you are no better than those that seek to quiet the porn shop.