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On the other hand many people out there view an adult store as promoting immorality and attracting the sickos we see on TV abducting little kids, etc. Yes, that may seem like an extreme comment, but that is how they are viewed by some. And to put one across from a school??? I would protest that too.

So do you remember when the alot of the preist’s were getting busted for touching young boy’s? I think that was immoral (craig this is not directed at you ) But how many of them got jail time. We live in a f-ed up world nothing is perfect. So if a CATHOLIC PREIST can get away with “touching Kids” wtf does an adult store have to do with society. and for those that do not know I went to ctholic school for nine years, but I geuss I was not cute enough, or they heard the rumor about young black men. you know that one about the bigger the feet,hehehehehehe bTW iS THERE NOT ONE OF US HERE WHO HAS NOT LOOKED AT A PORN MOVIE?
If you say no, i find it hard to believe.