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Brett – I gotta throw in my conservative view here.

Guns, when sold through the proper channels, do not promote immorality. Yes, occasionally someone, who seemed harmless otherwise, goes on a rampage and, well, you know, and that is very sad. But, overall, most, if not all, your typical bad guys out there buy guns and stuff through less than reputable sources, not your local gun store. Even if you close the gun store, the bad guys will still be buying guns.

On the other hand many people out there view an adult store as promoting immorality and attracting the sickos we see on TV abducting little kids, etc. Yes, that may seem like an extreme comment, but that is how they are viewed by some. And to put one across from a school??? I would protest that too.

I hope I am not the only one on this site that feels this way, although I am sure Rodney is gonna be asking for directions to the store. lol