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dan looked really good all weekend…took 1sts in motos in the nat and hung tough for 2nds in main and in opens…sat he was also riding well in the championship race- was consistant with 2nds in motos behind woodmansee and 1/4’s and then in the semis some kod frpm calif ran into his back tire in the 2nd turn (he was in 3rd) and he went down hard… pretty scraped up but more disapointed than anything. its the best i have seen him race all yr. on sunday he even just missed getting pope at the line for 1st in open… his class had over 35 riders and these aba kids arent messing around either. i would just have wished they would ride smarter ( when you are in 4th in the semi you stay put…duh)but we will see..he has a few duplicates in his age grp so maybe luck will be on his side….. was a nice race all in all once the 40 mph winds died down on sat ( a few bmx whackos but oh thats another story for another post…what would life be without bmx drama?)