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ahhh mud…good ol’ mud.

I haven’t raced a good mud race since I turned 17. It was a national at York, PA in 1984. It didn’t matter how you came out of the gate cause you went downhill to the first turn and just slid through it as best as you could. Alot of 8th to 1st passing going on that day. The main was nuts. I just remember afterwards my grandfather rushing me to hose down the bike so we could hit the road and get out of there. I was like “aw gee Gramps, I want to ride some more!”

A few years later me and the ‘Crew hit a triple pointer at the new Columbia track, 88 or 89, and I recall the track was total slop, so we raced on the grass parking area. What a mess. Uphill on wet muddy grass. But the race still counted.

See kiddies, we didn’t care what we raced on, we just wanted to race and have fun.

Nice pics Eric & Brad – keep ’em coming!