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Rich Farside has gotten an estimate for the following:

HRP Designs: 140 number plates at $10.00 a piece. Total: $1,400.00
We will have a price on hoodies and or gear bags next week.

PA System as gotten by Dave Kapigian (everyone knows Dave right?)
Estimate from Sam Ashe Music as follows:
Airline wireless headset microphone: $319.99
microphone 1 year warranty: $30.00
(2) EV 15″ loudspeakers: $700.00
Samson XM910 powered mixer: $499.00
mixer 1 year warranty: $40.00
(2) heavy duty speaker stands: $99.98
speaker stand warranties: $10.00
(2) 100ft. speaker wires: $119.98

Total: $1818.95

Free race flyers: still awaiting approval from 2 tracks. Any REPS care to comment?
Price? 0 I have gotten an anonymous donor for 10,000.

Posters: 250 for $441.17 Should not be a problem as there is over $3000.00 more dollars in the njbmx budget than there was last year.