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Billy – I see your point. Honest. But lets take baby steps here.

The money that was intially budgeted for those awards can now be moved over to the promotional committee – and then its up to the that group to use it wisely.

I think what they were saying at the meeting is this: in order to accept this grant ASAP we needed to itemize stuff right away, and here were some things we know we are going to spend money on. AND we get the new PA system AND a dedicated computer to make things run smoother at state races, etc. Not a bad deal to start.

BIG PICTURE: Carolan is on board, and his foundation has clout. Now, if the right people take the lead on this, we can focus on raising more money which is now made easier by saying we are supported by the Carolan Foundation, blah, blah, blah.

BUT – Billy – I do hear ya and understand your concerns. It would have been nice to say that $x amount is for developing a school promotional programs to be shared with the tracks, or something else, etc. If we stay positive on this, we will get there. Try to keep the faith.