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Toyota, mercedes, bmw and nissan all have us plants and they are thriving?????? The problem is these companies squandered capital rather than fund benefits and pensions plans for there employees . I own a chevy malibu maxx which is a decent car but after owning it for almost three years I see the cheapness of the material and the corners cut that will most likley cause me to buy a japenese car next time. The little extra effort not put into the vehicle cost them. The us companies are behind in style and innovation and since the sales of suvs declined due to big oil they cannot compete. We cry about immigrants and imports from china killing america what does the tag on your clothes or toys say? Its our own fault. Rather than boycott and demand domestic goods you go for the best price. I am not going to throw rocks from a glass house I live in the real world and as guilty as the next guy but were victims of our own circumstances living in a instant gratification society. No one wants to put hard work or earn what they have when i was a teenager being a landscaper was the cadillac of summer jobs. Now its all illegals. They do the jobs we dont want but i respect them because its a hard days work and they do it without a sound but the joke is on us because while some think there profiting off cheap labor were getting the bill via record high property taxes for there education, healthcare, and other social services. My hats off to the newest endangered species the semi-skilled blue collar US factory worker.