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Just got off the phone with Bill…yes, the ABA software is basically the “Moto-Builder for Dummies” and can be installed in any computer pretty much.

Hey..If I can do it anyone can. Also..the Moto maker software is updated constantly and any changes are either sent by disc or emailed if you want and doesn’t cost you a dime.

By far, and this is not to get the NBL people here in an uproar, much…there is no comparing this program to anything they have, period. It is used at all ABA tracks so what is being done in NJ is being done in Alaska, or Pa, or wherever there is an ABA Track.

The support staff is excellent as well..Even if you are having a problem at a race on a Sunday afternoon..you can reach one of the directors and he will get it figured out for you. I have on occassion had to do just that and it was great.

So, yes..very easy, excellent support, excellent program. Why anyone would want to do it otherwise is beyond my comprehension!