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Ha!, BigAnt-Dog…it’s funny, when I made the “true historian” comment somehow I knew you would be the one to call me on it.

Don’t be afraid of breaking the Robinson?! First of all, if I could get down to your weight I definately wouldn’t worry about it. You’ve seen me more than once, I am nooo light weight. Which is one of my reasons for wanting to race, to try to get back in some sort of shape.

And..the rims on that Robinson are old Sun CR-18’s (I think) which I doubt I should even be on when I was racing and *well* below 200+ lbs.
Besides, the jumps were not as big back then.

Ok, now for some good news and bad. Good news is that I took some pictures of the Wedge. Bad news is that there does not seem to be an easy way for me to post them.