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i wish i could be at the meeting this sat but its a no go… i didnt mean to scream at you guys but brett youknow what i am talkingabout. ( nervana?? what are you smoking anyway?? lol)

anyway…can the person who has all the info and knowlege on the foundation donation go to the meeting to clarify what is needed? how about someone who is going to call the pres or treasurer of njbmx and see what they found out that they need( before the meeting) so whoever is the expert that is going can just bring it?

our school booster meetings usually they usually have an issue that needs further explaination..one of the coaches or parent team liasons gets that info by the next meeting then they bring whatever necessary paperwork and submit several copies to the board…then the board reviews it and a vote is taken… seems simple to me… i cant fully comment on what is needed from njbmx for them to give the okeedokie as i wasnt there but i am just offering my observations from our board meetings and how they ask for items that teams need. if its money donated or asking for specific things… we had a bout 4000 donation specifically earmarked for wrestling that was funneled thru the athletic booster club.. they take the money and put in the acct… when the item that is needed to be purchased ( such as a wrestling mat) that money is used 1st then the booster goes to its general acct and uses that next..

i would think that njbmx would do the same. if a 5000 amt is donated to just say promotion..then when promotion items need to be spent they use that money 1st( earmarked specifically for that) till its gone. there is no money left to claim as profit i would think they would spend it all.

maybe they think they have to claim as income and show interest earned?? i dont have a clue as i suck at financial things. this is just the way i see the schools run their booster club. they have over 75thousand in their acct…they also have 4-5 cd’s that earn interest…they are non profit also and spend thousands on the sports programs of the hs…if their was something wrong with accepting grants ( they do accept donations for sports scholarships every yr) they would be hesitant.

i know it has to be frustrating for rich esp he only wants to help out but i hope this dosnt discourage him…

sorry for the blast but i didnt ahve my coffee..and for the uci i dont agree what they do but it is promotion and any is better than nothing…

brett they have nothing on your promo vid…dont worry i like yours better!!! get a copy up on utube…yours rocks!!