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Not just that, but the WHOLE scene, from riders to volunteers needs the enthusiasm. An area we are lacking, plus more people involved.
If we had enthusiasm, the points thing would have been hashed out.
If we had enthusiasm, we would have gotten the grant, and gotten the ball rolling. When I say WE, I mean the state of NJ board. There is a huge disconnect, it itsn’t intentional, and I understand people have other things going on, but these are things that should have been hashed out and DONE.
The way things are now, we will never be that scene.

I had an older rider PM the other day, and his comment was such “with all that has gone on in NJ, I’m not going to race there”, Now this is an older rider, with a good job. The people on the board can blame us as the worst thing to happen to BMX, but guess this ridee made his decisions based on your actions. Not because of anything that has been done by this group. So now I ask, WHO really is the worst thing to happen to BMX in NJ in ten years?