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I’m guessing no.
Software nowadays is very easy to run.
I would imagine it should be a breeze to run the new nbl wares.
As opposed to the old GARBAGE.
Unhook the printer and tell it to print so you can get a text file to put on a webpage..man….

Print to html…
and for those of you wondering…
if you put a password in an adobe document it becomes impossible to change it.
of course, you could always just retype the document and do it in word and change it anyhow…
ya know what, I am tired of arguing over STUPID issues.
There is a better way.
WE know what it is.
It is 2007, if you think we are bad, wait till the next generation comes up which is used to instantly getting information. They are gonna blow your mind, all we need to do is get them off the couch.