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I realize that the way I worded the intro to that article is a bit wrong.

Basically Steve Jobs says that any digital rights mangagement is utterly pointless. He also clarifies the fact that it is not in fact Apple or Itunes that requires DRM but the music companies that require it.

He points out quite vividly how pointless it is, in the fact that the music companies continue to pump out billions of cd’s every year.

CD’s that have no DRM at all and are very easily copyable and distributable via the net.

He also points out that about 3% of any music on an Ipod comes from Itunes…
Guess where the other 97% comes from.

This DRM cat and mouse game is indicative of many things that will happen in the next 20-30 years.

There is an old saying that goes…
Knowledge is power.

But that is only because most knowledge can be kept under wraps to a select few.

What happens when most knowledge is in the hands of everyone?
Then knowledge becomes freedom.

That is when those who had control of the knowledge suddenly know fear and then they will attempt to regain the power they had with the knowledge they did not want released.

This DRM thing that has been going on with the movie and music industry is very allegorical to the future of everything.
This may sound crazy now, but wait and see.