can i make a suggestion? regarding the classified section?

dont break it down into too many places where folks have to search . you have to remember most people are one stop shoppers. maybe make it in one place then have the seller/buyer state in the topic whether its for sale/ or wanted( have it be a check mark or something before they post) when you are selling somethingand you look in one place you never know when you will see something else while you are there that you need. same for buying… then you think..holy crap i have one of those i am not using any more.then you post it….

personally i wont look in 3 different places i think it would get more traffic if it was all in one place not broken down too much.

we always sold my sons old bikes as he grew out of them and looked on classifieds fir the first 5 yrs of his racing all the time. believe me parents are lazy and want to get in and get out…. lol

just my opinion and a great idea for the classifieds