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Ok, yes one day eggs are good and one day eggs are bad … but When we consider the state of the world nothing has gotten better. Unless you consider pollution, extinction, famine, disease, all good. So having said that.
One thing we are not is beyond extinction ourselves.
Mans arrogance and greed has blinded him into thinking he is unstoppable. The world in itself is an organism and it will fix itself. Fixing itself will be at our cost. Like I said in my other post, climate has changed in the past many times for many reasons. The factor is the rate of the change not the change itself. Volcanic eruptions can play a part to give an example. If you want to talk about the period during the dinosaurs then you must taking into consideration that the earth was still cooling. From the year 1000 to the year 1400 you had what is called the medieval warming period when the world was a few degrees warmer and that went right into what is called the little ice age that ran from 1400 to the 1800s. It is documented that it snowed all summer long one year in the 1800s. .. The reasoning behind this is that when the earth heats up then the glaciers melt the ocean water dilutes,stopping the trans Atlantic current and that causes the northern climates to start cooling down again. Sounds like everything will work out fine.. The world will fix itself will man live through it is the question. During these periods you had great advancement and great devastation. During the year it snowed all summer no crops could grow. Livestock died and people starved to death in the northern climates.
The point is not even scientific it is basic common sense. IF you think that you can take where you live and pollute and destroy it to the point it becomes toxic things don’t live. Its not rocket science.

I have made it a point to do as little damage as I can while I am here.
Ask Brett.. He is such a good sport about it.. LoL