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The other one,go through the member list, and look at some of the web site of the new members. Hell, just look at the names they use to sign up with!!!!! Thats why I thought it was so funny that the post I made commenting on how and why we should, and could do to get new riders, got taken down. Now , as a moderator there, I know that when you do cleaning out. It’s easier to clean out a thread, rather than just a post. take for instance the gate practice threads, at HCBMX. I took them down once they were no longer viable. Not just one post in that thread. Then the excuse was that it was an accident, you take the one post down, and after coments are made you clean the rest of the thread out, strange excuse. But stranger is that all of that porn, online gambling, and viagra, can be bought through good’ ole NJBMX.org, and nobody is taking care of that.